The SelectQuote Application Process

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The quote

  • SelectQuote gives no instant life insurance quote on their website.  You will receive quotes via email and mail once you enter your information.
  • Choose your life insurance company
  • SelectQuote represents excellent life insurance companies.   The companies they represent are NOT unique to SelectQuote.  Always consult the companies underwriting guidelines before you proceed.

The check up exam

  • SelectQuote will send a licensed paramedic to complete the life insurance exam.  The examiner will take your height, weight, blood pressure, blood sample and urine sample and possibly a resting EKG if you are applying for a higher amount of coverage.  The examiner will also ask questions about your health history and collect the name, address and phone number of your doctors.  You can get a copy of this exam.  This process is the same for most all life insurance companies.

The underwriting results

  • The life insurance company will make their final decision about your insurability and the exact cost of your coverage based on your exam results and other collected information.  The actual cost may be the same, higher or lower than the original quote.   For more information about the price see 3 VARIBLES THAT DETERMINE YOUR EXACT LIFE INSURANCE COST.
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Save Up to 55% on Term Life Insurance

  • Helps your family take care of funeral costs, debts, rent or mortgage, and more
  • Affordable coverage - Get $250,000 of coverage for as little as $14 per month
  • Easy online application that takes just minutes

Quotes are quick, easy, and free! 

Start your coverage

  • Once approved, you will receive the life insurance policy or email depending on the company.  You will  have to sign some delivery forms and write a check for the policy.  If you change your mind  you have up to 30 days to return your policy for a full refund IF you live in certain states.

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  • Save money – Get the lowest cost possible for your life insurance from the best top rated companies in the market.
  • No pressure sales tactics – You can decide when and if you would like to buy life insurance or not with out getting hassled!
  • Save time-Instant online life insurance quotes from ALL the top rated life insurance companies.
  • Superior Service– The attention to detail your application deserves when it comes to shopping life insurance companies for the best possible price.  This is especially true if you have health conditions or if you have certain hobbies or habits.
  • Very fast and convenient online application process – the quickest approval possible
  • Licensed since 1992 –  State license number provided upon request.

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Written by:  Chris Lalor

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