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  • Ages 18 to 55
  • Good Health
  • Want Term Life Insurance
  • Want it Quick 'n Easy - even if it costs a few bucks more
  • Not Active Military

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What's the Average Price of $100,000 of Life Insurance

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Ideal For:

  • Ages 45 to 75
  • Healthy or Medical Concerns
  • Term or Lifetime Coverage
  • Want the Lowest Price - even if it requires an exam
  • Work with an Agent

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Have you ever had a salesperson call you 3x per day for weeks and email you 62 times because you submitted your info online somewhere?  Yeah, we used to pull that nonsense too!  No more! At Life Insurance Shopping Reviews, you can look around, compare rates, and if you need help, request a quote or give us a call.  Don't get hounded by some life insurance call center. We're here to help.  Get started with a free quote.

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I had been turned down by two insurance companies including State Farm who I used for home and auto insurance for 20 years!  The problem was a heart valve replacement I had a few years ago.  I applied with Chris Lalor from Life Insurance Shopping Reviews and I got approved!!

Our Favorite Life Insurance Companies

We've worked with and reviewed dozens of companies.  Here are our faves.

Ladder Life Insurance

Best for:  No-Exam Plans Up to Age 60

Ladder is known for a quick and easy online application with no medical exam required in many cases.  They have 10, 20, and 30 year plans.  They offer the most coverage without an exam in the industry. Coverage amounts start at $100,000 and go as high as $8 million.

AIG Direct Life Insurance Logo

AIG Direct

Best for:  Lowest Rates or Health Conditions

AIG Direct offers a range of custom term plans up to 35-year term as well as return of premium, and permanent plans that build guaranteed cash value.  Their rates will beat just about anyone if you take an exam.  They're also terrific if you take medication or have health issues.

Bestow Life Insurance

Best for:  Convenient and Simple Plans

Bestow is known for their simple, straight-forward 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year term plans up to $1.5 million.  They never require a medical exam (ever) and have great rates.  Rates start as low as $8 per month.