Licenses & Lines of Authority

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Life Insurance Shopping Reviews, LLC (LISR for short) is an entity registered with the California Secretary of State.  To view details about LISR, go here and search for Life Insurance Shopping Reviews.

LISR is a life insurance reviews site, not an insurance agency.  Therefore, LISR is not licensed to sell life insurance.  We do have agents, however, who are individually licensed.  If you buy a policy, it will be through their license.

Life Insurance Shopping Reviews Licenses and Lines of Authority

All agents who work for Life Insurance Shopping Reviews, LLC have individual life insurance licenses in the states they service.  If you are working with one of our agents, you can ask for their license number in your state.

Another option would be to go to your state's department of insurance website to check for your agent's license number.  Every department of insurance has an option for you to verify if the agent you're working with is licensed - look for an "agent lookup" or "find producer" search feature, or something similar.  You can also usually see how long the agent has been licensed, what continuing education they have completed, and which insurance companies they represent.  

Christopher Lalor's Licenses

Please note our founder, Christopher Lalor, handles the majority of the life insurance requests on this site.  Chris has been a licensed life insurance agent since 1992.  His National Producer Identifier (or NPI) is 2046491 and below are his individual state license numbers:

  • AZ - 2046491
  • CO - 97479
  • CT - 1038043
  • FL - D015037
  • GA - 585498
  • IL - 2046491
  • IN - 307418N
  • LA - 268010
  • MA - 1951448
  • MD - 130534
  • ME - 64892
  • MI - 0216464
  • MN - 20203568
  • MS - 9932
  • NC - 2046491
  • NJ - 9352380
  • NM - 10191
  • OH - 543635
  • PA - 352929
  • SC - 256431 
  • TN - 837272
  • TX - 1081736
  • VA - 825090

Christopher Huntley' Licenses

While Chris Huntley does not sell life insurance any longer, he still holds an active life insurance license in the state of Ca #0E60169.

Additional Lines of Authority

As a licensed life insurance agent, Chris Lalor may also sell long term care insurance, health insurance, annuities, and disability insurance.  However, life insurance is our main focus on this website.

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