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  • Fabric Wills is totally free for all users.  Customers can fill out their last will and testament in as little as five minutes and also learn how to make it legally binding.
  • Fabric Wills offers step-by-step instructions to make the process easier.  Customers can designate beneficiaries, legal guardians and executors in addition to laying out instructions for final arrangements.
  • Users can update their wills as often as they want, at no charge.  They simply need to log in to Fabric’s website and choose “update will.”  Once they do, they’ll be able to download and print the new version in minutes.
  • Fabric built features so you can grant access to people who are important to you, such as your executor or legal guardian.  You can choose whether to share the entire will document, or simply core information such as the people you’ve chosen for various roles (beneficiary, executor, etc.).  These people can create their own Fabric accounts and log in to their dashboards to always see your relevant information.

  • Fabric offers mirror wills, which means that one spouse can help create a will for another spouse with all the same choices, to reflect that they have discussed and are aligned on their wishes
  • Fabric Wills is available on both Windows and Mac, and on mobile.  Users don’t need to download any software—they can do it straight from the web.
  • Fabric Wills is free because they believe that every family deserves a secure financial future and creating a will can be one step towards that for many.  Fabric also offers life insurance, though no purchase is required to use our free online will.
  • Fabric has a 9.5/10 rating on TrustPilot, with over 1,200 reviews
  • Fabric is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a grade of A+

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Written by:  Chris Lalor

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