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Overview:  Fabric is a start-up company offering life insurance and accidental death insurance plans. These plans add an additional layer of financial protection for your family if you were to pass away. 

The company may be young, but the policies are issued by Vantis Life, a wholly owned company by the second-oldest mutual life insurance company, Penn Mutual, which has been established since 1847.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Fabric Life

Fabric Life offers affordable life insurance with easy, online quotes and application available 24/7.  The company uses algorithms to speed up the underwriting process, with well-qualified applicants getting approved without a medical exam.

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  • insurance types

  • who is a good fit?

pros & cons of Fabric life insurance


  • Online quotes and application - Get a quote by answering a few quick questions. The application takes about 10 minutes to complete, and most applications get an immediate response on whether they’re approved or declined.
  • No medical exam required for those who qualify - Once they receive your application, an algorithm determines if you qualify, which allows for almost-instant approval or denial. If approved, no medical exam is needed and once payment is received, you’re covered.
  • Pay by debit or credit card - Few life insurance companies let you pay with debit or credit card but Fabric does. Set it up once and autopay means you’re always covered (as long as you keep your card details up to date).
  • Grace period - Fabric Life Insurance offers a 31-day grace period if your monthly payment fails. Coverage automatically continues as long as you pay before the 32nd day, giving plenty of time to update card details.
  • Free will - Even if you don’t purchase life or accidental death insurance from Fabric, you can still create a free will. They walk you through the process of making it legally binding, too.
  • 1% of the value of your policy will be donated to charity if your policy pays out—at no cost to you.
  • Fabric is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a grade of A+
  • Almost 1,300 reviews on TrustPilot, 97% of which are four and five stars


  • Term products only - Fabric only offers 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, & 30 year term life insurance products, and not all states offer all three year term levels.
  • Not available in all states - Fabric Life Insurance is not available in Montana, or New York. The accidental death plans are not available in Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.
  • Age Cap - Anyone over the age of 60 cannot get coverage with Fabric for life insurance. The accidental death plan automatically terminates at 60 and isn’t available to those 50 or older.
  • No phone number available - Fabric prefers electronic communication for their life and accidental death products and does not provide a phone number, instead preferring an email address for correspondence.
  • No comparison opportunities - Fabric life and accidental death insurance policies are provided by Vantis Life, so there is no option to compare with other companies on their website.

How is Fabric Life Different?

  • One thing that makes Fabric different is it’s completely online process.  Underwriters don’t get involved unless the application doesn’t pass their algorithm.  If a medical exam isn’t required, you can go from quote to in-force life insurance policy during your lunch break. 
  • The accidental death policy doesn’t have any questions and provides instant approval if you qualify and pay for coverage.
  • For those having trouble financially because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fabric offers a 12-month extension on their life and accidental death insurance policies.
  • All term life insurance policies through Fabric Insurance can be converted into permanent ones.  There aren’t any restrictions about when during the term you can convert—as long as you’re under 65 at the time of the conversion, you’re good to go.
  • To cut out any extra hoops for beneficiaries to collect a death benefit, Fabric built a feature enabling customers to grant online access to their policy to their beneficiaries.  This means that beneficiaries can login to Fabric Insurance and see the policies for which they’re listed—and if they need to make a claim, they can reach out to Fabric Insurance customer service directly from their own account.
  • Fabric Wills – Fabric also offers a free online wills.
  • Fabric Vault – Keep your must have financial information (wills, trusts, financial documents, etc.)  for you and your spouse in one secure place.  Wherever you are, the information in your Vault is always right at your fingertips and is shareable if need be.

What types of insurance can you purchase from Fabric Life?

Life Insurance Products Offered through Fabric Life:

Fabric offers...

  •  Term Life Insurance
  •  Accidental Death Insurance

Policies are issued by Vantis Life.  Policyholders and non-policyholders can also fill out a free will online or through the app.  If you download the app, you can also research and open a 529 college savings plan or a rainy-day savings account.

Fabric has competitive prices!

See for yourself....

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Did you know?

Insurance companies are NOT all the same.  Some are more lenient on certain health issues, some focus on a no-hassle application without an exam, some are financially stronger than others, and their pricing varies a LOT!  Get 2 to 3 quotes for best results!

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a brief history of Fabric Life

Fabric, based in Brooklyn, NY, was started in 2015 as the brainchild of co-founders Adam Erlebacher and Steven Surgnier.  When the pair began their own families, they realized the need for a “parental to-do list,” in the form of financial wellbeing and awareness.  Parents can get life insurance, accidental death coverage, and a will created in just a few clicks, with the system walking them through every step of the way. 

According to a 2020 Insurance Barometer study, half of Americans are more likely to purchase life insurance with simplified underwriting, which is a win for Fabric’s streamlined process.

History of Fabric Life Insurance

Fabric uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate the need for sales agents, instead employing underwriters and customer service agents.  Policies are issued by Vantis Life, a wholly owned company by the second-oldest mutual life insurance company, Penn Mutual, which has been established since 1847.

Americans are terrible at this one thing...

recent study found that more than half of Americans overestimate the cost of term life insurance by three times.  If you've never gotten a personalized quote or only seen quotes from one company, you likely have no idea how inexpensive life insurance really is!

Fabric Life Insurance Products

Fabric makes the life insurance process easy by offering just two types of policies.

The first is term life insurance.  Choose between a 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, & 30 year term to fit your needs, and an amount that makes sense.

When determining the amount of coverage you need for your term life insurance with Fabric, consider what you want the coverage to pay for:

  • Mortgage
  • Student loan debt
  • Future college fund for child(ren)
  • Allow your spouse to stay home with the child(ren) after you pass
  • Funeral expenses
  • Pay off other debts

While some of these debts can seem permanent, they are only temporary.  Assigning a figure to these debts can help you determine how much life insurance you need.  If you have a temporary need greater than 20 years (like for a mortgage), you will have to shop elsewhere.

The second type they offer is accidental life insurance.

As the name implies, this type of policy only pays out if the insured dies in an accident such as a car accident.  They do not pay out for health related deaths.  While this limits the coverage, the CDC says accidental death is your #1 risk of death between the ages of 25 and 44.

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Fabric Life coverage details and guidelines

 Read on to find out who issues Fabric Life's policies, how to get an online quote, and how to get a low rate.

Fabric uses an algorithm to quickly read through your application input to determine if you qualify.  Once you complete the application, you are either approved, denied, or sent for underwriting consideration.  If an underwriter determines you may qualify, they’ll request a medical exam.  Once that’s completed and they have time to review, they will either make a conditional approval or decline the application.  You have 60 days from the time of conditional offer to accept or decline.

Who Issues Their Policies?

All insurance policies through Fabric are issued by Penn Mutual company Vantis Life.  Fabric is able to provide affordable life insurance rates through Vantis, a financially strong company in business since 1847.  The policy is underwritten (if required) and issued by Vantis Life.

how to apply for life insurance with Fabric Life?

You apply for life insurance with Fabric Life by visiting their website, mobile app, or by calling them and speaking directly to a licensed professional.

signing up for Fabric life

Signing up with Fabric for life insurance or accidental death coverage is easy. Enter a few pieces of information to get a quote and then proceed to the more detailed application to find out if you’re eligible for an instant decision.

how does the application process with Fabric life work?

The online process walks you step-by-step through application.  As you fill in your personal information and medical history, the algorithm provides the next question based on previously entered information. Be prepared to provide:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Employment information
  • Recent medical history (including dates, doctor’s information, and details)
  • Hobbies you take part in (to assess your risk level)

Fabric life financial strength and bbb ratings

Fabric Life and Vantis Life have excellent financial strength and BBB ratings.  They are able to easily pay out claims when policyholders pass away, showing consumers they are making a sound financial decision when purchasing life insurance or accidental death coverage from Fabric:

  • BBB - A+ and 0 Complaints
  • A.M. Best- A+
  • Moody's - Aa3


Select Your State for an Instant Quote

How Do I Get An Online Quote Through Fabric Life?

Fabric makes it very easy to get an instant quote in just a few clicks.  Go to the website and click on “Get Started.”  You’ll be asked eight “yes” or “no” questions to determine if you need life insurance, then some basic personal information to provide a quote.

How do I get a low rate?

You get a low rate with Fabric IF you are...

  • Healthy
  • Do not smoke or use any from of tobacco
  • Do not participate in any hazardous sports or activities.
  • Clean driving record
  • No family history - parent or sibling - of heart disease or cancer
  • The younger you are the less you pay


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Shortcut:  Our #1 choice for life insurance with health issues is AIG Direct.  If you have any history of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, or obesity, click here for a free quote.

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WHO is Fabric Life for?

Fabric Life is for individuals who have a temporary life insurance need, like young families or singles.  The ability to complete a free will and having in-app options like creating a savings account or 529 college savings plan for your child(ren) also makes Fabric an attractive option for those who need to take these financial steps for their future.

Who is the ideal Fabric life applicant?

The ideal applicant for Fabric Life Insurance would be a young couple just starting their family who is in good or better health and doesn’t need more than a 20-year term life insurance policy.

what if i'm not perfectly healthy?

It is unlikely you will be approved by the Fabric Life Insurance algorithm if you are not in perfect health.  Even with mild "health conditions" you may be told you do not qualify.

 So if you are not perfect health, or not the ideal Fabric Life Insurance applicant, let us help you get quotes from multiple carriers that are more suited to your health profile.

Our Favorite Life Insurance Companies

We've worked with and reviewed dozens of companies.  Here are our faves.

Ladder Life Insurance Logo

Ladder Life Insurance

Best for:  No-Exam Plans Up to Age 60

Ladder is known for a quick and easy online application with no medical exam required in many cases.  They have 10, 20, and 30 year plans.  They offer the most coverage without an exam in the industry. Coverage amounts start at $100,000 and go as high as $8 million.

AIG Direct Life Insurance Logo

AIG Direct

Best for:  Lowest Rates or Health Conditions

AIG Direct offers a range of custom term plans up to 35-year term as well as return of premium, and permanent plans that build guaranteed cash value.  Their rates will beat just about anyone if you take an exam.  They're also terrific if you take medication or have health issues.

Bestow Life Insurance

Best for:  Convenient and Simple Plans

Bestow is known for their simple, straight-forward 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year term plans up to $1.5 million.  They never require a medical exam (ever) and have great rates.  Rates start as low as $8 per month.

Fabric Life reviews and complaints

Fabric Life has great reviews and few complaints.  The National Association of Consumers (NAIC) has created a National Complaint Index Report to compare insurance companies.  The base rate is 1.0 and Fabric’s complaint index is 0.69.  This means Fabric’s complaint index is almost half of the industry standard.

Here are some more stats on Fabric Life’s complaints and reviews:

  • Trustpilot - 4.8 / 5
  • Consumers Advocate -  4.2 / 5
  • NerdWallet -  4 / 5
Fabric Reviews and Complaints - BBB, Reddit, Glassdoor

Most reviews are positive with many discussing how easy and user-friendly the website and app are to navigate and use.