Editorial Standards

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Life Insurance Shopping Reviews Editorial Standards

At Life Insurance Shopping Reviews, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most accurate information about life insurance.  To ensure high quality, all of our content must meet the following strict guidelines.

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#1 - All Content is Written by Licensed Agents

Life Insurance Shopping Reviews was created because we were tired of big-name personal finance sites writing uneducated, incorrect information about life insurance.

The truth is many sites hire freelance writers to write about life insurance who aren't even insurance agents and never have been.

From our position, you should be an expert on life insurance if you're going to give life insurance advice.

So that's our first promise:  All of our content is written by licensed insurance professionals.  99% of our content is written by Chris Lalor, our founder, who has been a licensed insurance agent since 1992.

#2 - All Content is Proof-Read for Accuracy & High Quality

It's imporant for consumers to be able to trust the financial information they read online.

When we provide information on LISR, we are keenly aware of this responsibility, and we don't take it lightly.  That's why do all of the following when posting an article:

  • We quote, reference, and cite 3rd party expert sources
  • We check all of our articles for grammatical accuracy
  • We ensure all statitics or quotes are up-to-date and accurate
  • We try our best to provide clear and concise information related to the subject matter

Our goal is a great reading experience you can trust.  To that end, all our content is first written by a licensed agent, and then reviewed by a separate licensed agent.  Chris Huntley, our President, is currently the proof reader and editor for all LISR articles.  Chris is a regular Money.com contributor and has been licensed since 2004.

#3 - All Quotes are Accurate and Up-to-Date

LISR provides sample quotes on several of our articles.

When we do so, we pull the quotes from our life insurance quoting tools, which we have access to as licensed agents, or we source them from 3rd party websites.

Our goal is for all quotes to be updated often with the "last updated date" below each quote table to ensure accuracy.  Please note we do not guarantee accuracy of our rates as rates can change quite often - as in, weekly or monthly.  Rates also may change based on your specific location.  We run most of our quotes in the state of CA.

Please also note that any sample quotes on our site are only samples.  You'll need to apply for coverage and go through underwriting, which takes your specific age, gender, health, etc, into consideration.  Final approved rates may be different than the rates we quote on our site.

#4 - All Content must be Insurance or Personal Finance Related

It probably goes without saying you won't find articles about politics, cute kittens, or how to repair your kitchen faucet on LISR.  This is a life insurance site.

That being said, we may post articles that are not strictly about life insurance, so long as they relate to life insurance or personal finances.  For example, the following would be acceptable under our guidelines:

  • Tips for Life Stages - We may provide information for people who are getting married, having a baby, buying a home, starting a business, or entering retirement.  In all of these examples, life insurance would be a factor one must consider.
  • Credit, debt, budgeting, investing - All areas of personal finance are intertwined.  You almost always want to consider life insurance in conjuction with other areas of your financial plan.

If you have any questions about our editorial standards, please visit our Contact Us page.

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