Christopher Lalor

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Christopher Lalor is the founder and co-owner of Life Insurance Shopping Reviews (LISR for short) which is an online life insurance education platform dedicated to helping people shop for life insurance.  

Licensed since 1992, Chris has helped thousands of people secure the best life insurance policy that fits their needs. He is an expert in life insurance companies and the products they sell.  His best skill however, is how he explains the complex subject matter of life insurance to his clients in an easy to understand manner.

A benefit that is there literally when your family needs it most!

chris lalor - founder of lisr

What other financial product trumps life insurance?  I don't know of one.  You pay pennies on the dollar for a benefit that is there literally when your family needs it most.  And it's income tax free!  I've been in this business a long time.  I've seen good agents out there and terrible ones.  I'm here to get you the important information you need for your family.

Chris created LISR to give people an easy-to-use, in-depth online resource where they can easily research life insurance companies, product specifics, and compare prices.

When Chris is not helping people shop for life insurance, you will find him swimming laps in the pool or sailing in the ocean.  

Chris Knows Life Insurance!

Chris is passionate about life insurance.  Here are just a handful of the courses Chris has taken over the years to further his education:

  • Life Insurance Concepts
  • Life Insurance Riders: Accelerated Death Benefits and Long-Term Care
  • Personal Life Insurance Planning
  • Financial Planning with Insurance
  • Senior Needs Planning
  • Ethics for the Insurance Services Practitioner
  • Anti-Money Laundering for the Insurance Industry

One of his pet peeves is big online finance sites who hire freelance writers to write about life insurance.  In most cases, these are not licensed professionals.  They've never sold a policy or know the intricacies of how it works.  It's one of the reasons Chris founded LISR.


Chris Lalor and/or Life Insurance Shopping Reviews have been mentioned by dozens of prominent insurance and personal finance sites including:

  • MSN Money
  • True Blue Life Insurance
  • Bankrate
  • Choice Mutual
  • and more!

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