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You wanna know what is ridiculous?

... Other insurance sites!

And the same old message on every site.

  • Save up to 58% on life insurance
  • Get a term policy with no exam
  • Buy today before the price goes up
About Life Insurance Shopping Reviews - We Know Life Insurance

Stop.  Just please stop.

The truth about the other guys

Most life insurance sites hire unlicensed freelance writers who have never sold an insurance policy.  

In fact, you can't even buy life insurance on most of these sites!!

These sites have ONE goal:

To get you to click on an advertisement for some insurance product they don't even understand so they can make a few bucks.

At LifeInsuranceShoppingReviews.com, we're real, licensed agents who have helped over 10,000 customers since 2004.  We've been in the trenches.  We know all the savings tricks, all the best companies, and how to help you avoid common mistakes.  

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What makes LISR so special?

We don't push for the sale.

We don't push for you to click through to one of our partners as quickly as possible so we can make a buck.

We aim to educate you exactly where you are in your search.

So whether you're just getting started with your life insurance search or already know enough to be dangerous, but just have some further questions, we've gotcha covered!

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our team

Christopher Lalor is the founder and co-owner of Life Insurance Shopping Reviews. He's also the author of just about every single page on this site!

As a licensed insurance agent since 1992, Chris has helped thousands of people secure the best life insurance policy that fits their needs. He is an expert in life insurance companies and the products they sell.  

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Chris Huntley is the co-founder and president of Life Insurance Shopping Reviews.   

Chris is the founder of the popular insurance site, Insuranceblogbychris.com, a regular life insurance contributor to Money.com, and has been a licensed insurance agent since 2004.

He lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his beautiful wife and 3 lovely daughters.

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